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Ant jokes are based on ant names that makes laugh,so here are some ant jokes for you!

Joke :restoaur-Ant joke

Where do ants go to eat ?
At a restaurant ! 

Joke :Impart-ant joke

What do you call an ant from overseas ?

Joke : Ant-ibiotics joke

What medicine would you give an ill ant ?
Antibiotics ! 

Joke :Account-Ant Banana joke

What kind of ant is good at maths ?
An accountant ! 

Joke : Eleg-ant joke

What do you call a smart ant ?
Elegant ! 

Joke :Cosmon-ants & Astron-ants joke

What do you call an ant in space ?
Cosmonants & Astronants ! 


Joke :Ten-Ants joke

How many ants are needed to fill an apartment ?
Ten ants ! .

Joke : gi-Ant joke

What is even bigger than an elephant ?
A giant ! 

Joke :Albert Ant-stein joke

Who was the most famous ant scientist ?
Albert Antstein ! 

Joke : ped-ants

What kind of ants are very learned ?
Pedants !