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Beggar jokes are based on activities of beggars and some funny things ,So here are the beggar jokes enjoy them.

Joke : Beggar and banta

A beggar knocked at Banta's door and said. 
Give me some money 
Banta: I have no money.
Beggar: You can give me some atta (flour).
Banta: there is no atta left.
Beggar. Then give me an old shirt or pajama.
Banta: I have no shirt or pajama - old or new.
"In that case replied the beggar, 'you come 
with me and we can go begging together "

Joke :Husband ,wife and beggar joke

Wife: i hate the beggar
who came yesterday
Husband: why??
Wife: i gave him food yesterday
and today he gifted me a book
titled "how to cook"..! 

Joke :Beggar asking for hundred joke

Beggar: Can you spare a hundred so I can 
buy a loaf of bread? Passerby: Bread 
doesn't cost a hundred!
Beggar: I know, I'm expecting some company.

Joke : Beggar and software engineer joke

whats is simillar in work of software and beggar  ?  
A beggar meets another beggar.A software
engineer meets another software engineer.
Both of them ask the same question to each other:"
So, which platform are you working on?"

Joke : Beggar bed joke

A Girl was sitting on a park bench.
Funny Beggar: Hi Darling...!
She angrily: How dare u call me as darling....?
Beggar: Then wat r u doing on my bed....

Joke :Beggar and king joke

Once a King and a Beggar with same face ask 
the beggar-"Did your mother work in our palace?"
Beggar-"No, my father was servant there....."

Joke : Blind Beggar joke

Husband: Why did U give so much money to the
beggar who was pretending to be blind?
Wife: Didn't you hear his good words to me?
Husband: No, what did he say?
Wife: He said that I was so kind, so pretty 
and so young.
Husband: Oh, I see. He's really blind.