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Joke :Mobile phone joke

Charles, in jail, got a call from some 
friend, who was complaining about low 
network. This friend of Charles was fed 
up with low quality voice and finally 
asked him, "How many bars are there in 
your cell  

Joke :Mobile phone joke

One day, the phone rang, and a little 
boy answered.

"May I speak to your parents?"
"They're busy."
"Oh. Is anybody else there?"
"The police."
"Can I speak to them?"
"They're busy."
"Oh. Is anybody else there?"
"The firemen."
"Can I speak to them?"
"They're busy."

"So let me get this straight -- 
your parents, the police, and the
firemen are there, but 
they're all busy? What are they doing?"
"Lookin for me."

Joke :Mobile phone joke

ackson was moving towards California. 
On his way to the city, he stopped 
at a local market and went to the 
washroom. The first stall was taken, 
so he went in the second stall.
Soon, he heard a voice from the next 
stall... "Hi there, how is it going?"
That was okay, but Jackson was not a 
person to strike conversations with 
strangers in washrooms on the side of 
the road.
He did not know what to say, but he 
awkwardly said, "Not bad..."
Then the voice said: "So, what are 
you doing?"
Jackson thought that a bit weird, 
but said, "Well, I'm going back to 
Then, he heard the person say: "Look 
I'll call you back. Every time I ask 
you a question, this idiot in the next 
stall answers me.