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Tarzan Jokes are jokes are based on tarzan character ,these jokes are for fun.So enjoy tarzan jokes here.

Joke : Tarzan joke

Q: What were Tarzan's last words?
A: Who greased the viiiiiiiine?    

Joke : Tarzan joke

Tarzan is attacked by a lion in the jungle. 
The animal rips off Tarzan's arm, eye and 
penis. His jungle friends help him by giving 
him the spare parts he needs -- 
the eye of an eagle, the arm of a gorilla,
and an elephant trunk for a d**k.

Later, Cheeta the Chimp asks Tarzan how 
his new parts are working out for him.

"Tarzan like. With new eye, can see far. 
With new arm, Tarzan strong. But no like
 new wee-wee."

"Why's that?"

"It keep picking grass and shoving in 
Tarzan's ass." 

Joke : Tarzan joke

Q: What did Tarzan say when he saw 
the elephants coming?
A: Gulp. 

Joke : Tarzan joke

What song was Tarzan singing when he slid 
down the grapevine?

Great Balls of Fire.